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Six Fallacies

Because cash loans seem like a too-good-to-be-true option, many people think that cash loans are scams and should be avoided. In fact, there are many claims and myths surrounding cash loans and here are fallacies that you might want to learn about.

1. “The loan price is too high.”

Online loans are neither the most nor the least expensive instant cash service available today. But the thing is, they are hugely misjudged because when discussing cash loans, some people would use the APR. The APR is the annual interest rate of loans but they should only be used for loans that come with a year term.

Web-based cash loans, on the other hand, are only short-term. This means that they will only have a term of at most 30 days before rolling over to another term. Hence, they are only perfect for emergency needs in between paydays.

2. Cash loans as long-term solutions

All online lenders are very assertive in explaining that cash loans are not to be viewed as long-term solutions. These schemes have only been created to provide financial help to those with bad credit or no credit history at all who find themselves strapped for emergency funds.

3. You can’t complain to online lenders.

This is not true as the best online cash loan lenders provide 24/7 customer support – even better than traditional financial institutions that only operate within business hours. Other than that, state-licensed lenders may have physical locations that you can go to and they operate within the guidelines of your state so it would be easy to file complaints against them.

4. Online lenders are not transparent.

On the contrary, legitimate online lenders bare all. They inform customers of the guiding terms and conditions that come with every cash loan taken and they also list down all fess and interests. So if you take a cash loan, you will not be surprised with fluctuating interests that could ruin your budget.

5. Cash loans are not guided by law.

This is incorrect. As a matter of fact, online cash loan services are regulated in all states. There are guiding laws that are strictly followed, especially by firms recognized by the state.

6. The application process is lengthy and unsecure.

The best thing about online cash loans is the quick and easy application. No credit check is required so the supposedly lengthy process is cut short. As for the requirements, you will only be required to present a proof of active employment, a bank account, and a proof of US citizenship and age. All these plus a duly filled out application form is all you need to get the instant cash help that you need.

So when you’re hearing all these things about online loan services, don’t believe them all once. With a little understanding into their operation, you will know that cash loans are very beneficial to you.