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A Great Company

Cash loans can be found everywhere online, even when you’re not looking for them. Loan companies are always advertising to find new customers. It was actually offline and on television where I first heard about the loan company I’m doing business with right now. They had this exciting commercial talking about loans and how they handle them. It was very interesting. To be honest, I was denied when I first applied for a loan with them.

However, just today, I tried again and was approved. If I’m not mistaken, they report to the credit bureau, too. They did check my credit to give me a loan, but the loan terms are more ideal. Dealing with the last loan company, I had to make a payment every two weeks. With this loan company, I make a payment once a month.

A Great Company

The payment was a little higher than I would have liked, but I’m comfortable with it all the same. That’s what is important, that you are comfortable with whatever loan and repayment terms you are offered. The company I chose actually let me pick the terms of the loan to a degree. For example, I was offered a loan repayment schedule of four or five months. I was also allowed to pick an amount between 300 and 500 dollars.

The company also offers different interest rates, and it all depends on what you qualify for. Since I am still working on improving my credit, I didn’t get the best interest rate they offer. However, I did start a business relationship with a company that is able to provide me another loan in the future.

Next time, I might get a better interest rate and even qualify for more money. It was really a good find considering the situations I’ve gotten myself into with other bad credit loan companies out there. Cash loans should be simple, straightforward and easy. The companies should make it to where there is absolutely no hassle for the customers. Some of them do that, and then some of them don’t.

If you are looking for a loan, I suggest finding a company that makes you feel the same way this one did me. You might have bad credit like me, but now you’re aware that even I found a good company to give me a loan. You can, too, and then you know who to turn to again in the future.