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Advance Loan Fees

First-time loaners should know that legitimate lenders of cash loans understand the urgency of need for cash, thus, no upfront or advance fees are required to get approval.

If you are a first-timer on cash loans, you are likely to have very limited information about the whole process. But before you even decide to get payday loans, remember this: legitimate lenders do not require advance fees.

There is already a handful of people who wanted to get cash loans but got victimized by this scheme. The scenario usually involves a fraudster who poses as a broker. This person will try to earn your trust and make you believe that he or she will do all the hard work so that you can get your cash loans fast and easy. Then the fraudster will ask you to pay an advance fee, sometimes guided as a “processing fee.”

This person will even ask for your documents so that it will appear to be a legitimate transaction. But before you even know it, this person has already ran away with your money but without making any progress with your application for cash loans.

So when you are asked to pay in advance, immediately cast a doubt on this person or lender. Cash loans are loans intended for immediate needs, that’s why there are no upfront fees required. The process is also very simple that you will no longer need a middle man or third party to get approval.