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Credit Scores

Your choice of lender is among the most important decisions you will make when you get your cash loans.

Some lenders have faster processing of application, relatively lower interest rates or more flexible payment options. But aside from these obvious reasons, there are lenders that know how to use cash loans to make or break your credit reputation.

And in the world of lending, your credit reputation is like the dress that you will wear with an intention to impress: it’s either really impressive that people will see you as pleasing, or shabby that you will be deemed as forgettable.

When you apply for cash loans, it is important then that you check or research first if the lender is one that reports untimely payment to major credit bureaus. If the lender does not have contact with major credit bureaus, the next thing you should check is if it uses alternative reporting system for late payment for cash loans that may hurt your credit scores just the same.

Of course, it’s not because you have the intention to make late payments. It’s more of a caution in case of unanticipated events that will force you to delay your payment for your cash loans.