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Financial Pitfalls

Financial pitfalls often hide in the masks of charges you don’t really know what for; discounts that really are not and financial mistakes that you overlook and ignore, so you tend to do them all over again.

Whether you’ve impulsively purchased a very expensive pair of shoes instead of using that money to pay bills or took out loans to pay for luxuries, not watching your steps in handling your money is a good way to set you up for more financial struggles. Save yourself now from the financial stresses by observing a few hacks in personal finance.

Regularly check your credit report. Your credit score says a lot about your financial responsibility, but not all reports are indeed true and accurate. Unfortunately, a simple error could cause you expensive payments and drag you to bad credit rating level. Furthermore, you could be a victim of identity thief and not even know it. Check your credit report today and determine its accuracy. If you have bad credit, use this as motivation to strive better with your finances.

Do not charge everything to your credit card. Sure, your credit card is convenient and easy. But it is also tempting to use it for purchases which are frivolous and unnecessary. Later on, you will have to pay your credit card bills plus some whooping interests! Begin cutting off your card usage and use cash for certain expenses like groceries and allowances. This will help keep your credit card bill manageable and easy to pay as well as keep you from incurring expensive interest charges. Prompt and full payments also help alleviate your bad credit standing.

Taking out a loan at the first sign of financial struggle. Loans are there for a reason: to give you access to funding when you are short with cash in times of dire financial need. In fact, you can apply for loans online and get approved the same day. Most loans, like cash loans, have been made very easy to apply for. You can even do that online. But that does not mean that loans should always be your first option. It is best to identify other sources of funding first that can help alleviate your financial struggle. If you’ve exhausted all your options and it is a matter of financial emergency, then a loan could be an option. Just be sure to be clear with your rules and its exceptions.

Rein Yourself in from Impulsive Purchases

Be intentional with your purchases by having a list and sticking to it. When you go to the grocery, bring only the amount you have allocated for such expenses. You can also make a list of “luxuries” that you want to purchase and save up for them little by little. This will help you keep your eye on your goals without sacrificing one expense over the other.

Have a Steady Emergency Fund

It is also important to have ample savings that you can easily access in case of financial emergency. This way, you wouldn’t have to sacrifice your other bills just to mend a temporary financial struggle. Having at least 3-6 months worth of expenses will help caution you for a while, but you can still throw in a couple of dollars to the fund if you have extra money.

Use Your Financial Extras Wisely

Perhaps you have a generous tax refund or bonus coming in. you can use this money to pay off debts, savings and investments. You may reward yourself by cutting a portion of this amount for your personal luxuries, but don’t forget that financial extras like these don’t come in very often, so be careful what you use it for.

The key to watching yourself from financial pitfalls is to have an extra eye on the lookout for unnecessary expenses as well as developing healthy and conscious personal finance habits.