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Healthy Habits

Your loans will not go away if you close your eyes. They will stay and remain in your life until you’ve paid them off.

Whether you have a huge long-term student loans, or small cash loans for smaller expenses, you should adopt a more intentional attitude towards paying off your loans.

First, you should acknowledge that the loan is your responsibility, and not someone else’s. This will help strengthen your conviction that you should pay off your loans properly.

Second, you need to figure out where loan payments lie in your overall budget. It should have a spot there, or else you will forget and think you have some extra cash to spend. It helps that you write loans as your priority before allotting money for luxuries and wants.

Lastly, if you income does not suffice, you need to think of ways to get extra cash. Asking for a raise (if you feel you deserved it), getting more hours at work or accepting side jobs should help you raise more funds. If you aim to pay off loans earlier, you can place all extra cash from bonuses and tax refunds towards them.

There are a lot of online tools that can help you manage your loans depending on urgency, interest rates, amount and duration. Moreover, choosing to be intentional about paying off your loans can help you acquire healthy finance habits as well as improve your bad credit rating.