Online Cash Loans

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Pros and Cons

If you need some money to finance your business, one of the quick options you can go for is online cash loans. Online cash loans can definitely provide you with cash you need for your business, whether it be for a new equipment or for marketing and advertising costs.

Advantages of Using Cash loans To Start a Business

1. Complete business control

Unlike government grants or equity financing, cash loans don’t care about what your business is or how you run it. You don’t have to submit a comprehensive feasibility study on your planned business neither will you need to sign an agreement that you will follow the business guidelines required by the financing institution. Hence, you will have total control on your business.

2. You can write off the interest

When you’re starting a business on a cash loan, you can just write off the interest later on as business expenses on your taxes. This allows for lower taxes and higher revenue. Just make sure to do this only while you still have an outstanding balance in your cash loan.

3. Easy access even by those with bad credit.

Just because you have a bad credit history or no history at all does not mean that you cannot begin a business to aid you in your financial recovery. With online cash loans requiring no credit check, you can start a business soon.

The usual requirements that you would be asked for when applying would be a proof of stable employment, a copy of an active bank account, proof of US citizenship and age and a duly accomplished application form that is accessible from the lender’s website. The application form will contain questions on your financial and personal background. The information you include in there will be used as basis for the approval of your cash loan and for how much.

Ideally, only 35% of your pay will be given you as the approved cash loan. This would allow you to pay for the principal amount plus interest on the due date and still have enough to meet your daily living expenses. The maximum cash loan amount for a first-time transaction is set at $1,500 but that could increase on succeeding cash loans depending on your payment history.

4. No collateral

The best cash loans available online require no collateral. Collateral can come in the form of a property asset like a stock portfolio or a house. Since there is no need to present these, the rest of your properties will remain unaffected by the cash loans that you took.

Disadvantages of Using Cash Loans

Cash loans are only supposed to be short-term and so the APR interest rate will not apply. If you look at the annual rate, you would most likely be discouraged but don’t be. Cash loans only last for a month or until your next payday.

To make the payment lighter on your budget, you have the option to pay the cash loans you took through daily installments. If you don’t have enough money on your bank account to pay for the cash loans on the due date, you can inform your lender about two business days before in order to stop the deduction.

The other disadvantage of cash loans is that they do not work in all states. There are state laws prohibiting or restricting cash loans in your location. So make sure that you are properly guided by going with state-licensed lenders. Such cash loan lenders work according to your state guidelines so you know that you are in good hands.