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Red Flags

Borrowing money online, such as cash loans, is very convenient. However, lenders have come in all types of forms and sizes, and some of them take the form of a scam. If you are applying for a cash loan for the first time or making a loan from a new lender, be wary of these red flags.

The lender insists that you pay your “credit insurance” upfront. Some lenders may have other fancier terms for it, but never pay for anything upfront. You were there to take a loan in the first place because you need the money, it makes no sense to come up with money to borrow one.

The lender insists you pay for the initial installments of the loans even before getting it. Again, this does not make sense because you intend to borrow the money, why pay right away? Take a look at the payment terms the lender has provided you with and point it out. If you don’t get a satisfactory answer regarding this issue, don’t take the loan.

The lender in general is vague with explanations. You can ask where the fees are coming from and a good lender will have a steady and viable answer for that. If the lender talks in circles without properly explaining things to you, he might just surprise you with hidden costs later on.

Even with bad credit, you don’t have to desperately settle with a suspicious lender just because you need to the money.